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On the New Revelations of Being
Havana Hot Club - 'Casanova'
"You Broke My Heart" Dapper Joe
The Creature by Rock And Roll Sons
Alberto Christodoulou Everybody wants sum Dumpstaphunk
"Waiting Game" live recording by Rock And Roll Sons
Avant - Garde Guitar
ESP Project- three
The Tremolites
 Nessun Dorm 2016
Put Me In The Spotlight - Koni with The False Dots Official Video 2010
Alex Lewis "Summertime"
Koven "Let Go" recorded @ Mill Hill studios
 The Honeycombs "Something I've Got To Tell You" recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2011
 Rock and roll sons "I'm At War" recorded & produced @ Mill Hill studios 2014
David Cross band"Starfall" recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2016
ESP " Invisible Din" 2016 drums recorded @ Mill Hill studios
Mose Fanfan "Mamisa" (2012) recorded @ Mill Hill studios
Vic Sharma "That's Alright " Fleetwood Mac Cover  recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2017
Nzaya Nzayadio  "Tudi Vava" 2015
 Forget The Down - Fear Is The Fever
The London Belles 2016
60s Supreme - tribute- Singout Sisters
Nowhere (Pauls Song) - Rough cut - The False Dots
Iwan Rheon - The Convictions - Redtop
Happy Millionaire - Can't Imagine There's a Good Day"
Love Shabbat. The Shabbos Project and Shabbat UK
Bhajau Yesshulai - Nepali Christian Song
Happy Martyr - Christmas Kisses
The Bandits "The Mill Hill Fil Demos" 60's rock n Roll