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Sound & Media

Samples, videos, media, production, recording, mixes, albums. demos, EPs, projects that I have part of in various degrees. 
House Of Cards - Fil Ross
The Christmas Song- Fil Ross
The Vulz Green Light GO - With Fil's recorded bass
Tips and Tricks with Reuben James- Mill Hill Studios

Moon Light Walk- Fil Ross 2021
Koven - Your Word (Live at Mill Hill Studios) 2015
Alienation- Fil Ross 2021
Yes I Was- Fil Ross 2011
Chris Stringer & The Rocketeers - The Bridge  2019
Ginger Bread Men - She Burns 2006
Sound of the Suburb - Life On Hold 2021
The Memories are Kind - Bossa Bandits 2021
The Thespian - Fil Ross 2021
Maids Of England 2020
I Don't Owe Anything - Fil Ross 2020
A Monster Rock - Fil Ross 2021
On the New Revelations of Being
Havana Hot Club - 'Casanova'
"You Broke My Heart" Dapper Joe
The Creature by Rock And Roll Sons
The London Belles 2016
The Tremolites
 Nessun Dorm 2016
Alberto Christodoulou Everybody wants sum Dumpstaphunk
"Waiting Game" live recording by Rock And Roll Sons
Avant - Garde Guitar
ESP Project- three
60s Supreme - tribute- Singout Sisters
 Forget The Down - Fear Is The Fever
 Rock and roll sons "I'm At War"  2014
ESP " Invisible Din" 2016 drums recorded @ Mill Hill studios
Koven "Let Go" recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2015
David Cross band"Starfall" recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2016
Mose Fanfan "Mamisa" (2012) recorded @ Mill Hill studios
Put Me In The Spotlight - Koni with The False Dots- 2010
 The Honeycombs "Something I've Got To Tell You" recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2011
Nzaya Nzayadio  "Tudi Vava" 2015
Happy Martyr - Christmas Kisses
The Bandits are back in the studio!
Vic Sharma "That's Alright " Fleetwood Mac Cover  recorded @ Mill Hill studios 2017
Alex Lewis "Summertime"
Love Shabbat. The Shabbos Project and Shabbat UK
"To The Sun" by Fil Ross
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