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I have more than 25 years of experience in the music industry.

Here are services that I can offer in the studio, live or any other situation sound related.

Feel free to get in touch.



  • Guitar or bass re-stringing​ £15 plus strings.

  • Guitar or bass full setup from £25.

  • Guitar or bass repairs from  £25

  • Other instruments may also be repaired .

  • Email, text or call for a quote.


  • Available for

  • Remote recording sessions

  •  Cassette,dat, minidisk and records transfers.

  • Re-mixing, editing

  • Data and audio conversion

  • And more


  • Logic software expert.

  • Recording/live sound and Tuition

  • How to build your own studio

  • Troubleshooting with Macs

  • Software/ hardware problems.

  • Advice.



When a group or band wishes to record a track we generally follow the process below:

Usually the most important thing when listening to a song that has just been recorded is to make sure that the drums sound correct and that the drummer is happy with that "take". We check that there are no trimming problems and, if there are any, we correct them. Often guitarists and bass players will wish to re-record their parts and add overdubs. The best "takes" are then chosen and edited. Effects such as EQ, compression, and others where appropriate to the feel of the song, are also then added. Finally, the singer's vocals are recorded alongside this instrumental track.

After warming up, the singer usually sings the song through four or five times. We go through each "take" and pick the best versions of the vocals to make one perfect vocal recording. The vocal track is then checked to see if any sections need tuning (pitch correction). Vocal effects are then added: EQ, compression, reverb, echo, etc. Certain sections may be double-tracked to add depth and particular sections may have extra effects applied. Finally, the song is mixed and mastered onto CD or to MP3 format.


When a singer or artist wishes to sing over an instrumental or backing track we follow the process below:

Usually the artist will bring their own instrumental or backing track to the studio for us to work with. After warming up, the singer or artist will sing the song through in its entirety. Usually four or five complete "takes" are recorded. Each "take" is listened through and the best versions of the vocals are chosen and pieced together to make one perfect vocal track. The performance is checked to see if any sections need tuning (pitch correction).

Vocal effects are then added: EQ, compression, reverb, echo, etc. Certain sections of the vocal track may also be double-tracked to add depth. Sections may also have extra effects applied where suitable or desired. Finally, the song is mixed and mastered onto CD or to MP3 format.


It's important to prepare well for a studio session in order to make the best use of your time in the studio and to get the best out of your session. Ideally, you should have a strong idea of the style of your song and how it should be recorded before you arrive. It is helpful if you can bring with you any reference tracks that you like or tracls which have a similar style to what you are aiming for.

Once you are in the studio the time will pass quickly, so it is important to have a very clear idea of your goals and to be realistic about what can be achieved during the session. If you are working with other musicians it is important that they are aware of the recording goals and also what is required of them, especially in terms of their familiarity with the song arrangements, the instruments required and your recording schedule.

Warming up is important to ensure that your performances are of a high standard from the very beginning. Arrive in good time for your session so you stand the best chance of starting the session off in a relaxed way and achieve your optimum level of performance quickly.

During an extended recording session, ensure that you maintain concentration levels and be sure to eat and drink regularly to keep energy levels up. Avoid foods and drinks with high sugar content as these tend to lead to energy highs and lows - water is best.




  • 1 Hour,   £50 at all times

  • 2 Hours, £80 at all times

  • 3 Hours, £100 at all times

  • 4 Hours, £120 at all times

  • 8 Hours,  Monday to Friday day time only 10am to 6pm £200

  • 8 Hours, (one day session) weekends & B.

  • All prices include Sound engineer.


  • Recording

  • Mixing / Mastering

  • Music Production

  • Song Writing

  • Session Musicians

  • Production

  • Engineering

  • Karaoke Cover Songs

  • Experience & guidence

  • Song Arrangement for Composers

  • Composing

  • Vocal Arrangements

  • Vocal Harmonies

  • Film Soundtrack Production

  • Live CD backing tracks

  • Albums, EP's and Single recording

  • Live Drums

  • Voiceovers

  • Musicals

  • Musical Theatre


  • Festivals openair/ indoors

  • Mixing

  • Pub gigs

  • Local music Halls

  • Schools

  • Engineering

  • Private parties

  • Events & Galas

  • Clubs

  • Conferences

  • PA Systems

  • Street Parties

  • Rates starting from £100 local event only

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