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Clients & Projects

Here are some artists, acts, projects and works of various clients
that I've been involved with over the years, past and present.


Amy Winehouse - Lee Thompson (Madness) - The Silencerz - Tony Lowe (ESP) - Jeremy Stacey (King Crimson) - Kieron Pepper (Prodigy) - Pete Lockett (Percurssion virtuoso) - David Cross (Ex- King Crimson) - Marvin Humes (JLS) -Johns Children (ex-Marc Bolan's band) - Truly Ford - Mark Brzezicki (The Cult, Procol Harum) - David Jackson (Van der Graaf Generator) - World Music Method - Zoe Bonham (John Bonham0- Moses Fan Fan, (African music) - Rock And Roll Sons (rock) - TRC (Metal) - Knuckledust, (Metal) - The Tremolites (Ska) - Graham Pike (Jazz) - General Levy (Rap) - Those Naughty (Punk) - General Levy - Reuben James (Pop) - Josephine Arthur (jazz)- La Perla (Colombian music) -Carlos And The Bandidos (rockabilly) - Koven (Dance-techno, Pop) - The Highliners (Rockabilly) - The Polecats, (Rockabilly) - David Neil Crabtree (Pop) - The Orbison Project (tribute) - Maids Of England (Japanese Pop) - Danny Schogger (various) - Dell Richardson (Osibisa) - Danny Farrant (Buzzcocks - Calista Robertson (Pop) - Justin Light & The Midnighters (blues rock) - Camila Yates (actor, singer) The Jesus And The Mary Chain (Pop) - Maria Q (Archive)- Zee Asha (Boy George) - Jola of Adam Ant (Adam Ant) - Boz Boorer (Morrissey) - Evelina De Lain (pianist) - Damien Child (ESP)- Afriza International (congalese music) - John Mizarolli, (rock, Blues) - Trident Waters (Rock) - Skreamer (metal) - Greg Pringle (rock) - Huw Lloyd Langton (Hawkwind) - Emma Langwith - Curtis Elton, (classical piano) - The Honeycombs, (1960's chart toppers) - Special Kind Of Madness (covers) - The Looters (Blues) - Kingsland Road, (X-factor) - Albert Lee ,(country-rock) - Red Paintings (Australian alt-rock) - JoanovArc (Rock) - 2Kings (Metal) - Ian Erie (reggae) - Akua Tu (Soul, Jazz) - Thomas Lang (Peter Gabriel, Asia) -  Justin Light & The Midnighters (blues) - Snake Eyes (rock-metal) - False Dots (punk-ska-rock) - Pete Donegan (The Voice) - Wayne Lee (country) - Julie Rogers, (60's star) - Chris Spedding (Bryan Ferry) - Fiend Fatale (indy rock) - Zong Zing All Stars (African music) - Kris Valantine (pop rock) - Darby Todd (The Darkness) - The Looters (blues) - Winston Blisset (Massive Attack)- Dean Greenfield (pop) - Serena Deena (pop rock) - Nzaya Nzayadio (African music) - Rebecca Turner (melodic pop)- JFK (rock) - Jack Terroni  (Funk, pop, rock) - Alex Lewis (Classical) - Tom Bleasby (X-factor) - Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones) - Chrissie Watts (Eastenders) - Riff Raff (blues, rock) - Spitting Blood (Metal hardcore) - David K. (Killing Joke) - Pipi Longstocking (musical) - Crow Jane (rock) - Fallon Douglas (pop) - JJ & The Ukettes (acoustic)- Emily Mae Winters (country folk) - Knossos (metal) - Shadow She Cries (Classical Harp collaboration) - Aimee Bowey (rock) - Dave Stark. (Country rock) - The London Belles (vintage 30s 40s) - Sara Louise (pop) - Sarah Kershaw (Jazz, cassical)- T.T.O. (rock,pop) - Doug Freeman. (Quadrophinia, The Who) - Joe Leader (jazz pop) - Ed Bentley (Jazz) - Chris Cobbson (Jazz) - Gareth Burnett (rock) - The Candy Girls (20s40s50s)- Alan Neal (ska) - Micheal Searl (jazz)- Davina Bright (R&B) - Gui Tavares (bossa nova)- Fabricio azevedo - Rolland Kemp (rock) - Victor Alarcon (latin)Martin Bladh - Jukebox - Karolina Urbaniak (Multi-media, film)- Andrew Sears (rock) - Supersonic (indi rock) - The Spirits (indi rock) - Mix It Up - The Vulz (punk rock) - Shany Moore (Jazz) - Tania Chrysantthou (Pop)- Cathy Kostova - Singout Sisters - Chris Stringer & The Rocketeers and thousands of others


- BBC - ITV - Channel4 - Abbey Road Studios - MVF - Sassy Films - Casio

- Pinewood studios - Black Barn Recording studio (Paul Weller)

- The Mall Galleries - NNA newspapers awards (Dara O"Brian, Jack Dee, Jo Brand)

- Gavin media productions (various) - Trail Tale (App) - Fame musical (pre-production) - Pipi long stockings musical (pre production) - TV Globo (comissioned music) - Sue Nieto Theatre School of Dance School - Jumpup Dance Academy - The Old Bull theatre - The Mall Galleries - NOA awards - Infinity Land Press

- Dragonfly Productions - NL International - Boss (Boss pedals) and many more.


The Solomon brothers - Sera Eke - Crowning Glory - Lee Tompson Ska Orquestra - Enter Shikari - The Damn - Lettuce Heads - Evile - Kate Nash - Emerald dogs - 2Kings - Spitting Blood - Huw Lloyd Langton Group - Tony Lowe & Mark Brzezicki project - The Silencerz - Chris Spedding -Diamond Drive - Rock And Roll Sons, -False Dots - Damage Goods - Leaf Hound - Devulfish - Afaktor -Filthy Angel -Nonetheless -Meanstead - Dubvocalizer, -Naz & Ella, - Radfax - Harripaul - Republic Of Brentford - Pamodzi Dwellers - Lizard Kings - Dublin Castle - 229 - London - Oneil's, Soho - Fiddlers Elbow -The Redback - Jester Festival - Old Bull Arts Center - Arts Depot - Metalbrew, - Builders Arms Music Fest - North Finchley Music Festival - Watling Festival - Montrose Park Festival - Midland Hotel - The Torrington - Mill Hill music Festival - Mill Hill Jazz festival.

plus many more.

Peter Donegan
Rocking & rolling
David Cross band
This strip here its your guitar!
They've all gone for a coffee break!
Lee Thompson
Pete Lockett
fil Ross with Sir Jackie Stuart Sept 201
Fil Ross in the control room.
Huw Lloyd Langton
Mill Hill studios, live room
Zoe Bonham
John Mizarolli
Once more guys!
Amy Winehouse
Sera Eke Oxo tower 2018
False dots MHRC 2018
Oxo tower 2018
Bargehouse 2018
@ The Devonshire Arms, Camden
Josh Homme
The pub stool.Don't know how it got
Crowed vocals for a metal track.
Live with a click and no bleeding!
Live room
Some more guitar please
Dagobert Wiss tracking vocals
Curtis Elton for ITV
Me again ,myself and I
Sera Eke, Oxo tower 2018
I take it easy sometimes_
Rock and Roll Sons
Mill Hill studios, live room
Den Hagg
Once again guys!
Keiron, Zina and Fil
nice drum kit MHRC 2018
Jack Terroni & company
I was doing the sound for this guys at Mill Hill studios. Latin music all the way
This fellow asked me for a ZERO string for his guitar..
I know I was on the desk. That's all
Drums on the go again!
It's classical and it's music!
Practice makes perfect.
Bossa nova or... Clive being bossy!
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