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Here are some past events.

September 2018

The Tremolites album taster it's here for those with ska and reggae tastes this is the one for you. Click othe highlighted link.

Tony lowe is scueduled to start recording the another album at Mill Hill studios with Fil Ross.

My band Rock And Roll Sons has resumed rehearsals at Mill Hill studios. Can't wait for the next one!

Much work to be done and plenty of tracks on the pipeline.

I'd like to pay tribute to the late Gerard Webb that I had the honor of knowing for many years. He was a gentleman. RIP

The Tremolites album trailer
fil Ross with Sir Jackie Stuart Sept 201
The Glam rock bass effects
The Rock And Roll Sons 2018

September 2018

The highly talented Davina Adeosun- Bright has ccame to the studio to record some great songs with some equally talent young musicians from East London arts & Music School.

It was with pleasure and joy to record such gifted group of young people.

Davina Adeosun- Right
The snare made of glass!
Mill Hill recording studios 2018
Gretsch amp

August 2018

Rock And Roll Sons recorded and released their new single called "The Creature" Epic melodic rock at its best.

Boz Boorer came down to the studio to record some sax parts for False Dots. Carlos and the Bandidos were laying down some more drums for their fortcoming album.

Casio was filming a promotional video at the recording studios due to be realeased in November.

Worht mention the Talented Francesca Landauer recording a project with Italian lyrics.

A Latino Brasilian music also deserves the highlights with suberb musicians with Gui Tavares, Fabricio Azevedo, Rolland Kemp and Victor Alarcon.

Francesca Landauer
Mill Hill Recording studios
Latino brazilian music
Rock And Roll Sons
Latino brazilian music

July 2018

On the 13th this month False Dots gigged at The Midland Hotel, Hendon with support coming from Republic Of Brenford.

As ever I was on bass duties.

Official lunch of Kick out Capita campaign by Unison

Earlier, as we unload the gear. Donald trump flew over to say hello.

I don't think he really liked the venue.

Jack Terroni was back in the studio to record his latest originals.

Also, worth to mention Painted Smile started the recording of new tracks. And I will be happy to lay down some acoustic guitars on it.

I think I'll use the Takamine.

Work in progress.

June 2018

Not that often that I record audio books and this one is the latest "Don't Sleep On It" by Kavit Haria published by Morgan James publishing.

If you want to learn about internet business look no further.

Carlos and The Bandidos are releasing 2 brand new songs on vinyl that I had the pleasure to record and co-produce at Mill Hill Recording studios. Available on Migraine Records.

P.S. And there are talks of and album.


June 2018

June was a busy month with plenty of local events!

Done the sound for Cricklewood fest. and Mill Hill street fest. with some great acts and performances like Gentelman Tim & His Contenders

To top it up I also played with the False Dots on bass duties at Mill Hill street fest.

False Dots also released a new video entitled "They've Cleared Out Your Desk"

May 2018

The latest from the studio brings the suberb Giardino String Quartet.

A exceptionally talented group of classical musicians.

It has been inspiring and a very fulfilling experience to work with all of these gifted professionals at Mill Hill recording studios.

They have been recording their latest album with me.

Now is time for mixing and mastering. 

If you ever need to book a great string quartet, go no further!

May 2018

 I realy busy month it has been. Not only I had to log coutnless amounts of gear around, set up PAs for the  North Finchley music Fest.  I Also, had two great gigs with  Rock And roll Sons and The False dots.

Not to mention the other great bands that where on the bill.

Here it is a more detailful account of of that mad weekend by

99% is ....... The Barnet Eye (Roger Tichborne)

Thank you to everyone that came down for one reason or another.

Help local music. One for all and all one.

May 2018

Finally  Rock And roll Sons  will be having the first gig of 2018 and the first for a very long time. Well overdue!

Courtesy of  North Finchley music Fest.  on the 19th at The Elephant Inn, 10pm.

Where you can find it. Click on the links below.

Official website






Press on the image above to enlarge

May 2018

May has arrived. It has been raining, sunny windy, stormy, cold and damp.It's time to settle down once and for all.

Over 50 acts will entertaining you for two days across 6 venues in North Finchley. All within 5 minutes walking distance from each other!

I will be doing live sound engineering somewhere as well as playing with my band Rock And roll Sons on the 19th at The Elephant Inn, 10pm, and on bass duties on the 20th with The False Dots.

supporting The Silencerz.

Worth mention that there are other many great acts playing.

You are invited to come down. FREE ENTRY!

May 2018

BBC was filming at Mill Hill recording studios and all around MHMC for CBBC series "Marrying Mum and Dad"

due to be broadcasted on Iplayer sometime soon. You might be on it, and

you will never know!

Carlos And The Bandidos videos

On another note Carlos and The Bandidos are now due to record in mid June.

Here are some  videos that I filmed at their rehearsal last month.

I really look forward to work with this gang of bandoleros.

Last but not least. I have finished recording of " The Candy Girls" album.

Sublime vintage harmonies.

One of the best trios in the country! THE CANDY GIRLS

Press the picture for video

April 2018

The Candy Girls are currently in the studio recording their new album of war time nostalgia with some really great harmonies to go with it.

A very talented singing trio.

Carlos And The Bandidos are due to record at Mill Hill studios any time soon.

How many songs we are going to record still open for debate W.T.S.


Song for the world cup 2018

I know I'm recording and producing a song for the world cup 2018

I know it's a entire football team.

And thats all I know so far!

March  2018

The oldy goldies "The All Gray" local boys recorded their EP at Mill Hill studios and it's a cracker! Some of them are well over 70 years old apar with the Stones.

Standard Jazz also made an aperience with  Chris Hutton on drums and his wife on piano. Great recording session. Petty there was no bass.

Rock And Roll Sons done another live recording session of their new material.

Much work to be done to finish the tracks. O.T.S.

And finally carabian vibes with afro/european influences with Vallis Weekes and Deon Ryan  a great guitarist that needs to get his stuff out there.

March 2018

Was a great privilege to have worked with this two outstanding bands.

Check them out.

During the 1970s David Cross was a member of King Crimson and David Jackson was a member of Van der Graaf Generator. Now much to the excitement of music aficionados worldwide, the duo have teamed up for an amazing new album titled "Another Day"

ESP 2.0 – The unique combination of Peter Coyle (ex Lotus Eaters), Tony Lowe (Composer/Producer/Guitarist) and Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) will be playing their new progressive rock album, '22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT' along with songs from 'Invisible Din', the 2016 release which earned over 14 top reviews by the music industry. With Special Guest - Mikey Cuthbert.

Feb. 2018

Back in studio 1 at Mill Hill. It seems to me that the way to go for drummers is to record and film it. Then, upload it on Youtube for exposure and promotion.

As well as recording some great drummers like Gareth Burnett  recently. (Drum tutor) witch I recomment.

I also rehearsed emphatically with "Rock And Roll Sons "and "The False Dots" witch has a gig this Saturday at "The Midland's Hotel"  24th. 8 O'clock start.

There will be some other bands playing on the night.

Feel free to ask around.

See you there.

Feb. 2018

Recording vocals for  "The Thespian" (Rock And Roll Sons) at Decibel studio in Slovakia was a great experience with Dombovari Balazs.

Though, the studio is not yet finished being bulid. We managed to record some great takes.

The studio is situated in Patince on the north bank of the Danube river about 13 Km east of Komarno along the boarder with Hungary.

Lets not forget the Patince SPA that provides great accommudation about half a km away.

If anyone is ever around that part of the world and wants to do some recording that will be the place to do it.

Thank you, Balazs.

Feb. 2018

After recovering from working at Serra Vista studios with Boz and Neal in Algarve.

Mill Hill recording studios was the next stop. No rest for the weak.

The excelent guitarist Chris Cobbson recorded a new single with an array of excelent musicias such as Carlos Fuentes, Robert Rickemberg, Adam Furness,

Ned Bennet amongst others.

Painted Smile also recorded another track. Work in progress.

As well as rehearsing with The False Dots and trying to keep up with Rock And Roll Sons new material. I'm heading to Slovakia and record some vocals in a local studio.

And why not!

Finally, the long awaited ESP album entitled 22 Layers Of Sunshine will be release on the 20th o April with a preview gig at Half Moon in Putney on the 17th of April. Not to be missed.

On the 24th this month Rock And Roll Sons will have their first gig for long time at the Midland Hotel in Hendon.

some new material to be performed for the first time.

I also will be on the acoustic guitar and bass duties that night with The False Dots witch have now finished their album. Release date to be confirmed.

Jan. 2018

Had the great time working on Andy Neal's album at Serra Vista studios with Boz Boorer.

What a fantastic sounding album.

With time to spare we still managed to put together  a few demo tracks for Morrissay.

There was never a dull moment. Cant wait for the next one.

Thank you Lyn Boorer, Graham, Dave, Richard and Chrissie and nonetheless Sr. Jose, Pedro for the Aguardente de Medronho by far the best in Algarve.

Without it the sessions wouldn't have been as inspiring as they were.

Long live rock n roll.

Feb. 2018

Had a great night playing with The False Dots at "The Midland's Hotel" in Hendon

There where also Hamptons without Kenny and the bass player. But they've gone for it as if there is no tomorrow. They gave a great performance!

Then, Fumanchi gone on stage on their debut gig with three vocals, plenty of melodies and catchy lines. I really enjoyed their show.

The False Dots were the headliners on the night and I resumed service on the bass with a couple of acoustic numbers in between.

The venue was almost full. Not bad for a suburbian local event.

view pics

Jan. 2018

Rock  And Roll Sons just released a brand new single entitled "House Of Cards"

An epic journey of creative hard rock rewcorded at Mill Hill studios. Not to be missed!

TRC the well known metal monsters just released their latest single called "Moaner" with a great spoof video to go with it. Featuring me for a few seconds. Definitely worth to watch it.

On the recording side of things. I've got to mention Sara Louise's great voice and talent. What a great session!

And finally a great round of applause for Shelly Ryan a very talented local girl recorded Dont Tell The Others latest single.

Jan. 2018

Painted Smile come to record a single for Gibraltar National song contest.

Thats a first for me. Good luck to them.

Sing out Sisters were back in the studio to record a few few more songs to add to their already extensive reportoir.

Excellent vocals and some very dificult piano pieces.

January first session of the year was Sue Nietto's music school choir

With some great talented kids.

Also, I would like to mention the debut single of Wimpy Kids "Spoof so low" A band made solely of primary school teatchers.

Really like their song.

Well done everyone.

Dec. 2017

The White Falcon is back at Mill Hill recording studios with Boz Boorer laying down

some suberb guitar takes for various  songs.

Andy Neal also payed a visit to show some support.

Its always a pleasure to work with a great musician like Boz.

Great stuff!

More to come on this story.

Dec. 2017

The war between the saxophones and the violins it came to a peaceful end. The two Davids; Cross and Jackson collaboration is enchanting to say the list! Sublime musicianship and intertwined sounds to die for. I've Recorded it about a year ago at Mill Hill studios and mastered at Air studios.

 It will be out in March 2018 This is an album challenging the boundaries of two opposites; Sax v Violin! Who wins? We all win by being mesmerized by such musianciaship!

David Cross

Dec. 2017

Last weekend was one of the busiest I've ever had. Starting on Friday with a day session in the studio followed by a silent disco until the early hours of Saturday. Another recording session on Saturday plus a gig in the evening with The False Dots @ The Chandos Arms. Sunday came, and there was snow everywhere! Some of the band members that I was recording that day didn't make it because of the snow. Day's should be made longer!



Dec. 2017

For the first time I got offered the job of operating a silent disco.

Was at The Hospital Club in Soho. It belongs to Paul Allen from Microsoft & David A. Stewart from the Eurythmics.

Its really impressive place, 4 floors of music and art.

A great night out if you have the money.

The Hospital club


Dec. 2017

Kado are a jazz soul band with very accomplished musicians that really made my day.

7 string basses and guitar passages to die for with some great vocals from Susy

All original music been recorded for their début EP.

Really worth to have a listen to them.

Reminds me of Randy Crawford.


Dec. 2017

It's glittery, it's shiny, it's glam rock!

Sonic Jewels a very glam rock band recording their EP @ Mill Hill studios.

I look forward to the next session to finish off what we started.

Has been great to work with this guys.


Dec. 2017

Christmas it's nearly here. The Riff Raff Band is a very tied blues band really kicked start this cold December in the studio with a vengeance.

A total live demo, just like it should be done!

Check this boys out.

You won't be disappointed.


Nov. 2017

In the studio sometimes, surprises happen. The fellow playing the piano on the picture is called David. Probably one of the most gifted musicians I've ever recorded. Plays; bass, guitar, drums, trumpet, piano and sax all equally as skillful as each other with Odi Cookey on vocals.

They will be back in the studio next week to finish off the two track demo.

Think Gregory Porter with more of a jazz twist to it.


Nov. 2017

TRC are releasing a new spoof video soon and somehow Im doing a little acting on it.

Had a great laugh doing it. W.T.S.

Nov. 2017

Zong Zing All Stars are now finalizing their lastest album.

The second week of November will host the last session of this epic mixing journey.

Has been a pleasure for me to do so.

If you like African music this is a band that you must see and enjoy

Sept. 2017

It's now the 5th album of african music and the 2nd of Zong Zing all Stars.

Mixing is now on the 4th track. another 8 to go!

This project is going to continue until the end  November.

Working with Fiston Lusambo has been some experience and learning curve. I'm Looking forward to the next session.

Nov. 2017

Found my self doing the sound in Oxo tower at N.O.A. gallery.

The works on display are really something special. The best in the country.

I will be down there again this thursday coming.

Pop in. Come and say hello and enjoy the display.

Free entry.


Nov. 2017

I'm off to The Chandos in Colindale for an acoustic night doing a few numbers with The False Dots.

Got my acoustic with me tuned to drop D Or...nearly tuned!

About four songs and thats it.

Feel free to come down play or listen. It will be good to see you there.

Its a free entry.

Nosferatu back to finish it off!

Oct. 2017

Nosferatu back to finish their debut EP

Better late then never. Look forward to it.

Goth metal with a german twist.

I keep my ears open... Please keep the spanish accent to yourselves :)


Nov. 2017

Special Kinda Madness are going from strenght to strenght.

After the recording sessions that we had in the studio this ska covers lot

are now flying high.

Check them out.

If you like Madness and ska, it's a must see!

Oct. 2017

Rock and roll sons back in recording mode

Ady Denton back in the studio recording bass for one of their new tracks

"The  Whisperer"

Oct. 2017

ESP the band of Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki.

Now reached new hights with some amasing drums played by  Mark Brzezicki.

What a previllege to be part of such project.

Tony Lowe...Simply a genius!

Check them out.

Tuesday – 17th April 2018 – The Half Moon Putney, London.

See you guys there.

Choirs & musicals

Oct. 2017

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to record a 20 piece kids choir for a musical

As ever I record anything that comes my way.

Was a great experience and, they where well rehearsed.

Sue Nietto's prodigie's


The Silencerz

Oct. 2017

Had a great time working with this guys

It's an early christmas at the studio!

Oct. 2017

I've been recording some great classic christmas songs with fabulous soulful and emotional Bashiyra.

Loved the session.

Always a pleasure to record great talent.

Look forward to the next one!

Oct. 2017

ESP the band of Tony Lowe and Mark Brzezicki are back in the studio for the second album.

Looking forward to record those monsterous drums and see everyone once again.

Sept. 2017

Last week I had the pleasure to record a very rare indian instrument called a Dilruba played by Hemmy Sokh.

Had the most amasing sound that i've ever hurd.


Sept. 2017

Alive and kicking.

Playing bass for The False Dots

@ The Bohemia, North Finchley.

Had a great night!

Sept. 2017 I'm pleased to know and let you know that Kris Valantine is realeasing his first single with the album fallowing it in March 2018

I'm not sure if slide guitar that I played as an extra will feet the bill


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