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28 caliber bullets penetrate his body. Held captive by the enemy, Aries is tortured and interrogated to find out the whereabouts of the US Air Force Specialist. Equipped with only his wits and courage, Aries overcomes the odds and manages to escape his captors. Separated from his fellow pilots, Aries realizes that unless he is rescued, he will become an orphan. Suddenly, unbeknownst to him, Aries is the only chance that his friends have to live. The Missing Fighter Pilot, a beautifully written tribute to all those who have served in the U.S. military, portrays the plight of those who have lost their lives in the fight for freedom. By far, the most moving, best written and most emotional story about a fighter pilot who returned home in one piece. If you love memoirs or are military minded you will love this book. Rescued at Sea By: Matthew D. O'Brien Rescued at Sea is the story of an ordinary man—a marine mechanic—and his extraordinary story of survival after he and four other men were rescued by a merchant ship and taken to a Greek island where they were stranded. O'Brien's main character, Sean McCafferty, is a marine mechanic who is working at a shipyard in south Brooklyn, New York. His coworkers include John Smith and Ray Birdwell, two sailors who are like brothers to him. They get into a car accident and run out of gas. When they attempt to flag down a passing car, the driver turns around and intentionally hits the tow truck with his vehicle, causing the truck to roll over and all three men to be trapped inside. The driver tries to steal the car and when he realizes that he has no gas, he gets back in his car and drives away. Sean McCafferty and his friends, John Smith and Ray Birdwell, are eventually rescued by a merchant ship but are stranded on a Greek island. Their ordeal begins with a series of survival skills tests, which includes drinking salt water and walking barefoot on the hot sand, under a very hot sun, and surviving on a limited diet of bread, water, and a couple of shots of vodka. Many of the passages in the book are brutally honest, making you relive every moment that they suffered and sometimes even laughing. The characters are reminiscent of characters in the movie Cast Away, which was also written by Mitch Albom, and



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Behind The Enemy Lines Torrents Download

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