Ahhh... Drummers!

Updated: May 2

Here are some of the things that drummers do so wrong:

- Many don't know how to fit a Hi-Hat clutch at all.

- Don't know how to adjust the Hi-Hats, clutch and the Hi-Hat stand.

- Don't know how to tune a drum kit.

- Don't know how to adjust the bass drum pedal spring.

- They tend to over tied the cymbal stands.

- Many don't know how to adjust the snare strainer.

- Cymbals only go so loud.

- Don't know how to adjust a drum throne.

- Some refused to play to a click whilst recording and then want the drums quantised because they don't play in time. I guess practice can go a long way. Once I was told by a drummer that the click was out of time. I decided to agree with him for the sake of the band and recording session.

- Apart from the examples above, they nick the cymbal felts, nuts and others things if they can on the regular basis from the rehearsal rooms where a work.

Drum kits are expensive and drummers should learn how to assemble, tune and maintain a drum kit. I't is as important as to learn how to hit the bloody thing.

It is not a surprise that most in-house drum kits in venues are totally smashed to bits.

Drum tutors are partly guilty of it too. Link: How to Set Up a Drum Kit

Click on the pictures below for more crazy examples.

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