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Ahhh... Drummers!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Here are some of the things that drummers do so wrong:

- Many don't know how to fit a Hi-Hat clutch at all.

- Don't know how to adjust the Hi-Hats, clutch and the Hi-Hat stand.

- Don't know how to tune a drum kit. (The great majority)

- Don't know how to adjust the bass drum pedal spring.

- They tend to over tied the cymbal stands.

- Many don't know how to adjust the snare strainer.

- Cymbals only go so loud, there is no volume knob built in.

- Don't know how to adjust a drum throne.

- As soon as they walk in the studio for practice or recording they start to tune the bloody thing even before they hit it once. Must be a tuning problem… Haahah!

- Some refused or can not play to a click (They are far too good to play to a click). Thats because they can not. And they are cocky about it too.

Whilst recording and then want the drums quantised because they haven’t played in time... I guess practice can go a long way.

Once, I was told by a drummer that the click was out of time. I decided to agree with him for the sake of the bands recording session.

- Apart from the examples above, they nick the cymbal felts, nuts and others bits from the studios on the regular basis.

Moreover, they leave the drum kit in pieces more often than not with no regard or consideration for other drummers that are due in the same studio, selfish and disregardful for other fellow musicians (drummers).

Utterly deplorable atitude.

“What do I know? I’m only a drummer” commonly used as an excuse for a drummer that can't play a part of a song or a beat.

Drum kits are expensive and drummers should learn how to assemble it, tune it and maintain it. I't is as important as is to learn how to hit the bloody thing.

It is not a surprise that most in-house drum kits in venues are totally smashed to bits.

Drum tutors are partly guilty of it too. Link: How to Set Up a Drum Kit

If you need Lessons, here it is: Sam White

Click on the pictures below for more crazy examples.

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